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Post  Kapil on Mon Oct 01, 2007 8:13 am

Role Play IT


-o Register & Login

-o Jobs

-o Cops

-o Vehicles

-o Fuel

-o Payday

-o License and Passport

-o Guns and Weapons

-o Houses

-o User Restore

-o All Commands


Once you have got connected to the server,
you will be requested to register and then
you will be asked to login, so that your
account is created on our server which can
save your stats and restored when you come


Once you have made your way selecting your
skin after logging in, you will have to
find a job for yourself to earn money, to
meet your daily needs.
There are six jobs(excluding the gangs,cops)
in the server(currently), They are:

-o Driver
-o Medic
-o Mechanic
-o Lawyer
-o Gun Dealer
-o Drug Dealer

In these, every jobs has there own commands,
features,advantages, dis-advantages

Every person who is appointed as a cop should
do his duties sincerely and especially honestly.
A cop can arrest anyone if he has a reason too.
Once a person is suspected by a cop he should be
chased by them, and if the victim is caught he
should be jailed.
A suspect in jail should never be released
by a cop untill a lawyer comes and unsuspects him.
A cop can also pullover a suspects vehicle,and pull
it to the Department, by giving some ticket.
A cop can also tie a suspect who is trying
to escape from him.

Unlike other servhers, our server doesnt support
free vechile for travelling to place to place,
To use a car or bike you need to buy tem in
the Car Palace or Gearless <3 etc shops.
Though you can enter and use a
vehicle without owning it, u will be suspected
if a cop see's you. Using a free roam car without
owning it is a arrestable crime.

To increase Role Play in our server, we have
added fuel system to all the vechles, every
vehicle u use consumes fuel, and you will
be needing to refuel them in the gas stations.

As every pin has its sharp end, every job has
its salary, on every one hour according to the
server timings, you will be having payday on
which you will be getting your salaries according
to the job you are in.

Every person who buys a house, will be getting
the passport, if he applies to it in the S.A.W.D
(i.e San Andreas Welfare Department), beside the
LSPD (i.e Los Santos Police Department).
Every person who got a passport will
be able to get a license in accordance to his police

As our server stands in the name of Role Play, it
doesnt have weapons that coz destruction in a vast
way. It got only simple and non-voilent weapons so
that role play is spread all over the server.

Houses are very important part of one's stats, he
needs to be in a house(rent or own) for the following
-o Passport
-o License
-o Food (health)
-o Excercie (armor)
There are like 77 houses spread all over Los Santos.
so there wont be any lackage of them.

This is a importand feature of our server, that every person who registers in
our server willl be restoring all his stats when he re-logins. Even his previous
position where he left the server is restored. So there wont be any trouble like
spawn-cheating, hacking, journey-evading, hospital-evading etc.

- Player Saves like...
- Positions.
- Money.
- Interior.
- Level.
- Job
- Health/Armour.
- Weapons.
- Skin.
- Password.
- Vehicles.
- Houses.
- Gangs.


[ /help ]- Displays a list a commands which help you to make use of them.

[ /help cmds ]- Displays a list of commands which every civilian can use.

[ /help general ]- Displays a list of general commands.

[ /help gangs ]- Displays a list of gang commands.

[ /help cops ]- Displays a list of cop commands.

[ /help jobs ]- Displays a list of job commands.

[ /help admin ]- Displays a list of admin commands.

[ /call ]- Takes out your mobile phone to call the given number.

[ /pickup ]- Pickup's the ringing mobile phone.

[ /hangup ]- Hangs the mobile phone.

[ /sms ]- Sends a sms to the player.

[ /open ]- Opens the cell doors.

[ /close ]- Closes the cell doors.

[ /d ]- Sends a message to the police department.

[ /su ]- Suspects a person.

[ /pullover ]- Pullover a vehilce using your vehicle.

[ /pulldown ]- Pulldown a vehicle whch you have pullover.

[ /info ]- Gives a set of information about a player.

[ /taxi ]- Calls a taxi.

[ /bus ]- Calls a bus.

[ /heal ]- Heals a person.

[ /givegun ]- GIves a person your gun.

[ /getguns ]- You get guns.

[ /fix ]- Repairs a vehcile.

[ /bail ]- Un-suspects a suspected person.

[ /register ]- Registers you to the server.

[ /login ]- Logs you in to the server.

[ /ginvite ]- Invites a person to you gang.

[ /g ]- Send a message to your gang memebers.

[ /grank ]- Set the rank of a person.

[ /gkick ]- Kick a person from your gang.

[ /ooc ]- Out Of Character Chat.

[ /whisper ]- Whisper a person.

[ /shout ]- Shout at a person.

[ /local ]- Chat in local.

[ /me ]- Expose your actions

[ /stats ]- Shows your stats and proress.

[ /report ]- Report a person to an admin.

[ /tie ]- Tie a person, so that he wont be able to move.

[ /untie ]- Untie a tied up person.

[ /getdrugs ]- Gets you some drugs.

[ /givedrugs ]- Gives a person some of your drugs.

[ /usedrugs ]- Consume some drugs.

[ /fill ]- Fill up your tanks fuel.

[ /deposit ]- Deposite some money in your bank.

[ /withdraw ]- Withdraw some money from bank.

[ /bank ]- Check your bank stats.

[ /getcc ]- Get Credit Card.

[ /givecash ]- Give some cash to a person.

[ /handsup ]- Put your hands up.

[ /ad ]- Advetise your drama and rpg jobs.

NOTE: Admin commands are hidden so they are not exposed here,
all selected admins should do "/help admin" to get help about there


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