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Post  Kapil on Sat Nov 17, 2007 5:36 am


- Runs on NONE servers(excluding Trail Server ).
- Vehicles are saved.
- Houses are fully menu interference.(MENU)
- Ads are complex functional and fully featured.(TEXTDRAW)
- Cops have great commands like..
    - Pullover a car.( attach cars and pull them (TRAILERS)
    - Jail has object made doors.(OBJECTS)
    - Cop skins cannot be selected by a civil.
    - Cops are made by admins only.

- When u die u get healed at hospital, with animated charecter exressions.
- Chatting has..
    - /ooc /l /s /w for all.
    - /g for gangs.
    - /d for cops.

- Player Stats like...
    - Positions.
    - Money.
    - Interior.
    - Level.
    - Job
    - Health/Armour.
    - Weapons.
    - Skin.
    - Password.
    - Vehicles.
    - Houses.
    - Gangs.

- Payday is also menu featured.
- Six jobs and more will be implemented if requested.
    - Mechanic.
    - Lawyer.
    - Gun Dealer.
    - Drug Dealer.
    - Driver.
    - Medic.
    - Additional Cops and Gangstas.

- Licenses and Passports are also added for more RP.
- Fuel, Clock, Bank, Credit Card etc.
- Completely menu interference /help.

- These are only the major differences, not the features.
- There are many more features which cannot be expressed and found impressive only while experiencing.
- The gamemode is completely self made, wasnt moded from anything nor uses anything(except DUDB).


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