job, Drug or weapon or mabie a new one.

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job, Drug or weapon or mabie a new one.

Post  Dizze_Andreas on Sun Dec 09, 2007 7:46 am

Okej,here is my idea,

I think it should be cool with a underground place,So mabie you can
move drug dealer or weapon dealer or just a new job to this area.

My idea is that when you go to the door you will be teleported to the underground place that you can find in singelplayer when you are questing at the AREA 51.

peace !




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Another idea for the underground place.

Post  jeki2612 on Mon Dec 10, 2007 5:27 am

Underground NightClub. king


The Idea :

Okay when you come down to the door you will automatically pay some money when you enter.

Then inside it will have a intorior as yea i don't know just some kind of
nightclub, and as seen on many other servers you will be able to buy different drinks and stuff at the bar.

Remember it is a underground nightclub so its legal for
drug dealer's and gun dealer's to walk around in there selling
but if the cop's arrive and search the place then, yea then its not legal.

My opinion is that it would be a nice chillin and hangout place to both for the gun's and drug's dealer's but allso just for civillian criminals Wink

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